Friday, 24 March 2017

Help-seeking and mutual recruitment into work in compulsive hoarding

Tim Buescher
Tim Buescher and Tracy Pallett (co-researcher and expert by experience) presented:
A participatory narrative of help-seeking and mutual recruitment' into their work in compulsive hoarding at Public Engagement and Performance Conference (see YouTube) 2017 17-18 March in York.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

A blog about blogging..…really?

Here are some great links to articles that discuss why you might like to consider blogging, as an academic.

Image: screengrab

If you are interested in discovering how blogging can be used in teaching and learning, read this one.

If you are a researcher, visit this link, as it says everything you need to know, and says it very well.

And if you are a postgraduate student yourself, try thisone.

Finally, if you work in and around Higher Education, you can learn more here.

Better still, check out all four links if you have a chance!

Here’s hoping to see you making your first forays into blogging via this very bog! Keep us posted!

Lizzie Ette, Lecturer in Nursing

Monday, 20 March 2017

Truth telling and hope blog entry by Jan Hunter

Jan Hunter, Lecturer in Adult Nursing & Module Lead Medicines Management has published:

To tell or nt to tell? Honesty and hope in cancer nursing on BMJ Blogs 

Uganda trip by our nursing students

Sarah Davies, Victoria Messruther and Danielle Lincolnthree of our second year nursing students, have been on a trip to Uganda. These trips - which involve clinical practice - can be facilitated  as a part of our Bsc Nursing ‘alternative practice’ placements. This placement is facilitated by one of our PhD graduands, Dr Grace Nambozi in Mbarara.